Mengajar dengan Bahasa Inggris

Hehehe ini cuman catatan pribadi yang mungkin berguna bagi anda rekan guru yang bukan guru Bahasa inggris, namun pingin ngajar dengan bahasa inggris. Mula-mula kita belajar untuk pembukaan dan penutupan dalam mengajar dulu....silahkan simak catatan kami berikut ini:


Good morning students.
How are you?
I hope you are feeling fit today.
Who is absent today?
Where is she absent?
Wido, Please lead the prayer!
Where did we stop last time?
Last time we talked about explain and prepare for Software can be used to process words.
Do you have any homework?
Let’s check the homework together.
If you don’t have any homework, let’s continue.
Today we are going to talk about recognize the menu, creating, opening, and saving documents.
The topic is limited to know the function menus, toolbars and shortcuts in Ms. Word.
The benefit of this lesson as follow:
Firstly get to know the function menus and toolbars.
Secondly can use the keyboard shortcut
Thirdly create new documents, saving documents, opening and closing documents

It’s almost time to stop
In conclusion the lesson today was about
You can get to know the function menus and toolbars.
and use the keyboard shortcut.
and create new documents, saving documents, opening and closing documents.
emi, what was the topic we discussed today?
Do you understand about the lesson?
Any question?
For your homework please do exercise 5 on page 50
Now, turn off your computer.
One more thing before you go, there will be a test on this next Tuesday, so please study at home
Stop working now!
Do you enjoy the lesson?
I think that’s enough for today.
Go out quietly.
See you next time.

Semoga bermanfaat bagi anda.....

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